To enrol to the course Student Project:

To continue, you need to register to the moodle I3S. To do so, click on "Student Project" on the left-hand side.Then, if you are a unice user (any student or advisor member of the university staff), then click on "CAS user" and enter your login and password for the university. If you are not member of the university, then click on "other user" and "create an account".

Once you are logged in, you are asked to enrol to the course. Depending on your status, either student or possible advisor, then use the enrolment key you received by email. Once you are enrolled, you are then able to access the course contents.

Rules and schedule for the personal/student project:

One project is carried out by a team of 2 students, with possibly some projects done by only one student, between March 1st and June 21.

General description
You will be able to see the projects' descriptions by end of January, and you will enter your ordered list of choices by mid-February. By end of February, you get the result of project assignment.
You will start to work on your assigned project on March 1st, along the courses until May 24. Then you will have 3 weeks to work full-time on your project, between May 27 and June 14.


- You must give an intermediate report on May 22, that will describe precisely what you are going to do, and into what order, during the 3 full-time weeks.
- You must give a final report on June 14.
- You will defend your project in front of a committee between June 17 and June 21.